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The Puzzle Detective is a weekly 30-minute program that explores the vast world of puzzles and games.

Each week viewers will be invited to join The Puzzle Detective as he works to analyze and solve a wide variety of logic-based puzzles. ¬†Beyond the well-known Sudoku and Cross Sums, viewers will be introduced to puzzles such as Alphagrid, Place Your Number, Figure Logic, Sum-Doku, and Cryptograms — just to name a few.

All puzzles featured on the show are available, free to download, from The Puzzle Detective website.

Other weekly features include The Puzzle Detective’s Chess Puzzle, as well as a profile from his “Most Wanted Puzzles & Games” gallery.

Future shows will take The Puzzle Detective out of his office and across the landscape, as he continues his quest to explore and share the great hobby of puzzles.

Most Wanted Puzzles & Games